Oral Presentation Guidelines

Important Dates

Please take the time to read these guidelines ahead of the Conference.

General Information
Please visit the registration desk when you first arrive at the Conference to collect your name badge and other related materials.

Time Allocated to Presentation
Each paper has been allocated 15 minutes for delivery inclusive of 3 minutes for questions/discussions.
The programme is subject to change, therefore please ensure you check for any changes on the “programme changes” board on site which will have an up to date programme.
In the interests of fairness, please ensure that you keep to your allotted time frame. It is essential that presenters keep to time across the entire programme to ensure equity for all and to allow delegates to plan the sessions they wish to attend.
All sessions will have a dedicated chairperson who will introduce presenters to the lectern in sequence. Chairs will time presentations and provide a warning at 2 minutes remaining.

Audio Visual Equipment
Please load your presentation with the AV technician, please ask the registration team for directions. Presentations are required to be loaded at least 3 hours before your session, alternatively, you can upload your talk to the dropbox folder

In the unlikely event of a technical problem, a technician will be present onsite to attend to the issue.
Presentations requiring video can be accommodated; however, we request that you arrive onsite early to confirm the details and test the facilities.
Please note: Presenters are requested to contact us as soon as possible for requests outside of the standard AV equipment provisions. Note, additional equipment cannot be guaranteed.

Speaker Preparation & PowerPoint Presentations
16:9 aspect ratio is preferred to match our screens.
Microsoft PowerPoints and Prezi are compatible.

General guidelines
• Keep slides succinct and simple
• Text size should not be smaller than 24 point - be brief on slides
• Use high contrast text and plain backgrounds

Special Effects
Special effects should be used sparingly. Presenters wishing to use audio effects should advise the onsite audio visual technical staff. Please do not select random transitions in the PowerPoint menu or the audience will notice the effects more than the presentation.

Further Information
If you require further assistance, please contact:
On-Cue Conferences 
Phone: (+64) 3 928 0620

Poster Presentation Guidelines

Important Dates

All posters should be A0, and portrait orientation.  Poster boards will be located in the main catering and trade exhibitors room.  Please ensure your poster is installed by Tuesday 3 July, lunchtime.  Velcro dots will be supplied to secure your poster to the poster boards.

There will be a Poster session on Thursday from 11.45am - please be at your poster during this poster session. 

Straight after the poster session lunch will be available, so there will be a chance for delegates to continue viewing your posters and to ask you questions.

Your poster will stay up throughout the conference, it should be taken down following the poster session (by 1.30pm) as the room will then be set for the conference dinner.  Any posters remaining at that time will be held at the registration desk until 5.30pm, after that time they will be considered unwanted and disposed of.

If you have any questions at all in regards to your poster please email 

Prize Judging Criteria

Important Dates

  • Best student oral presentation – sponsored by NZMSS
    highest score

  • Runner up best student oral presentation – sponsored by NZMSS
    second highest score

  • Best student poster presentation – sponsored by NZMSS
    highest poster score

  • Student presentation making the greatest novel contribution to science (oral) – sponsored by Royal Society of New Zealand
    highest scores in novel contribution category

  • Student presentation making the best use of quantitative methodology (oral) – sponsored by Ministry of Primary Industry
    highest score in eligible talks

  • Runner up student presentation making the best use of quantitative methodology (oral) – sponsored by Ministry of Primary Industry
    second highest score in eligible talks

  • Marine Protected Areas Award (student oral or poster presentation) – sponsored by Department of Conservation
    highest score in eligible talks

  • Best Applied Environmental Science student presentation - sponsored by the Coastal Special Interest Group
    highest score in eligible talks

  • Best student conservation biology presentation (oral or poster presentation) – sponsored by Society of Conservation Biology
    highest score in eligible talks






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